Do You Want To Make A Healthy Impact On Your Family?

Want to set your family up to succeed,? Of course you do. And here’s one simple way to do it: make the evening home-cooked meal into a sacred tradition.. If you’re looking to make a healthy impact on your loved ones, eating with family members at the dinner table may afford you with a three-for-one package, a trifecta of mental, physical and spiritual benefits. Let’ me explain.


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Study after study has come to show that kids who regularly eat at home with their families do better on practically every metric. They perform better in school. They have reduced risk of addiction. They’re more well-adjusted. And if all that isn’t enough, consider the powerful spiritual aspect of eating a meal with loved ones. Finally, enjoying dinner with loved ones encourages your presence and engagement. It promotes mindfulness. And over time, it’s incredibly bonding.


Do you want to increase the health and longevity of your loved ones? I am absolutely convinced that routinely preparing meals at home can be the single-most important step you can take, with the possible exception of exercising every day. So what are you waiting for? Have some fun, get your spouse or kids in the kitchen, and teach them a new recipe or two!



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