Whey Cool Protein

Best Of The Best – Whey Cool Protein

Whey protein is high-quality, digestible protein—an off-run of the cheese making process, and in my opinion, the best of the best.

Whey Cool Protein comes from grass-fed cows and…

  • “Happy cows” graze on pesticide and chemical-free pastures. Their levels of CLA (conjugated linolenic acid) are many times more powerful with a healthy balance of essential fats.
  • They are never fed grain, or subjected to any growth hormone treatment, chemicals, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, hyper-immunization or injected pathogens.
  • Whey Cool Protein uses a unique low temperature drying and filtration method that preserves the full range of the fragile immune boosting and regenerative components naturally present in fresh raw milk (unlike the vast majority of why proteins that use high heat pasteurization!)
  • Whey Cool Protein supports weight loss while stimulating glutathione production in the body.
  • Glutathione is arguably the most important antioxidant our bodies make, and unfortunately it’s very hard to absorb orally- you’ve got to give the body the building blocks it needs to make it more effectively, and that’s exactly what whey protein does.
  • Huge benefit – Whey Cool Protein is “fortified” with lactoferrin, an anti-inflammatory protein that has antimicrobial activity.

And- this is the best part– it is the most delicious tasting whey protein I’ve ever tasted. No kidding.

Each single scoop of Whey Cool Protein provides a hefty 24 grams of protein with less than 3 grams of carbs and no sugar- only 1.1 grams of sugar alcohol.  It mixes great with water, even better with almond milk and some frozen blueberries.


Hydroxycitrate is an extract from the Garcinia cambogia plant – and just like proteins – not all hydroxycitrate is created equal.

SuperCitiMax’s hydroxycitrate is the best.

My respected colleague, Dr. Harry Preuss, Georgetown University Medical Center Professor, conducted a study of 30 healthy, but overweight, people on a program of 2,000 calories a day with a half-hour of walking 5 days a week.

He gave half the group SuperCitriMax while the other half was given a sugar pill (a placebo).

The placebo group lost an average of three pounds, but the SuperCitriMax group lost 12 lbs- a whopping 400 percent more weight!

To top it off, they had an 18% drop in triglycerides and interestingly- an almost double boost in serotonin levels compared to the placebo group.

I had a very interesting conversation with Dr. Preuss in which he said:

“Perhaps the most remarkable result was in appetite control. The SuperCitriMax group had a 16% reduction in the amount of food they ate per meal.

The key to using SuperCitriMax effectively is taking the right dose, which is about 1500mg three times a day. Studies show it’s best absorbed on an empty stomach each of the 3 major meals of the day.”

SuperCitriMax comes in two sizes, 180 capsules or 360 capsules.

Add these two together, Whey Cool Protein and SupercitriMax and you have a powerhouse that will supercharge your 10% weight loss goal.


180 qty: $38.80 / 360 qty: $67

Price: $69.00

I’m really very excited about this turbo-charged plan.

Reply to this email and let me know you’re going for that goal of just 10% weight loss! Let’s track your results!



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