The Do-Something Principal

Practically everyone in the world has struggled with a lack of motivation.   As an author and speaker I hear it virtually every day. “I seem to have lost my motivation.” “I just can’t get motivated.” “I’m just not inspired.” “I know what I need to do, but I just...

Myths and Truths

Not long ago, a medical reporter friend of mine, Lynn Allison, asked me to comment on a recent article in The Daily Mail, the title of which was: MORE experts claim statins are a waste of time. The article went on to say that studies show.
Why Is A Nutritionist Talking About Amy Schumer?

Why Is A Nutritionist Talking About Amy Schumer?

This column is about the new Amy Schumer movie, I Feel Pretty.

You’re probably wondering, why is a nutritionist is writing about the Amy Schumer movie?

Well, for the same reason I wrote about Kate going to fat camp in This is Us. Which is that it touches on issues that every nutritionist deals with on a daily basis.

The Accidental Date

I have a lot of single women friends, almost all of whom have tried online dating, almost none of whom have had any luck with it. Well, actually that’s not true. They’ve had plenty of luck, just none of it good. If you know anybody who’s searched for love online,...

For Caretakers Everywhere

My dogs and I have a very nice arrangement. Here’s what they get: A warm bed, a roof over their head, dog food magically appearing at predicable intervals, belly rubs. Here’s what I get in return: I get to take care of them. You might be thinking, oh, he’s being...