The Best Anti-Aging Supplement You Never Heard Of

Now let’s be clear—none of us like to use the term anti-aging anymore. It’s passé and silly. We can’t turn back the clock, which is what “anti” aging implies. Most of us who work in this field prefer the term age management medicine, which much more accurately captures the idea of aging smartly, gracefully, and happily. Being older no longer has to look like it did in your dad’s day. Age management is about dying young at an old age. It’s about “squaring the curve” of life so that—rather than experience a slow, painful, decline into senescence starting around age 50, we live at the top of our game (more or less) till just about the end when we die a quick, peaceful death with minimum disability, preferably sometime after age 90. Read More
The Best Anti-Aging Supplement You Never Heard Of

True or False? I can get all the vitamins I need from food

I regularly talk to people—friends, family, tennis buddies—who care about their health, and make a real effort to eat well and cultivate good lifestyle habits . But they haven’t quite bought into the whole supplement thing yet. The most frequent statement I hear is “I feel if I’m eating a healthy diet, I should be able to get everything I need from food”. So this article is for you guys. Read More

My Homeopathy Dilemma

I’ve always been skeptical about homeopathy. Sorry. I know it’s not politically correct to say that, but it’s the truth. I can kind of see it on some energetic or metaphorical level—especially when I get all What The Bleep Do We Know about it, thinking about water...

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